Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Saddle Pad Giveaway!

I'm doing a giveaway of this Horze Dressage River Saddle Pad. It's a lovely color combination of black with red (could pass for hot-pink but it's red when you look closely) and grey piping. I love the grey stripe along the spine. At $35 it's a great buy! I took photos in different light because the colors -- especially the red -- look a little different in different lighting. 

Reinforced nylon billet straps have Velcro fasteners and a nice girth keeper. Shell is 100% cotton with poly filling.

Giveaway signup!
Thanks Horze for your support of my blog and for offering this giveaway. To enter, leave a comment on my Facebook page or my blog naming one neat thing you found at horze.com's web site! MAKE SURE TO LEAVE AN EMAIL OR CONTACT INFO! It's amazing how many people forget to do this :-). 


Sorry this photo is a bit washed out -- the red is a beautiful deep red, more rose than orange in tone.


  1. Love the grey with this pad! I want pretty much every single one of Horze's bridles. The number of them on my wish list is getting a little ridiculous. (starkeycarly@gmail.com)

  2. Socks!

    Susan Gilbert

  3. I would love to win this, who doesn't need another cute saddle pad?! I found these on horze.com: http://www.horze.com/leg-wraps/horze-cooling-wraps/18540.html?color=BL
    I think these are a pretty decent solution for my eventing needs. Feel free to contact me at logdogacres.blogspot.com if I win :)

  4. So many beautiful things in Horse.com site.
    Thinking one of my favorites is this one: Horze Crescendo Nicki Women's Sweatshirt in Dark Brown. Very classy!

    jfireflys at yahoo.com

  5. I received the Horze Base Fleece Blanket for Christmas, I'm thinking that the Horze supreme halter would be nice to have as a coordinated set for shows!

  6. I love Horze! My favorite things are their reflective gear - I've used it frequently trail riding during hunting season! Safety first, especially when there's gun lovin' rednecks around 0.0

  7. I'm impressed by the prices- I need to buy some galloping boots and would like to try these out to see if they hold up compared to more expensive brands.

    (contact for giveaway is mackenzieparks at gmail dot com)

  8. I've been eyeing their tendon boots all morning bc of the sale price! (Horze Spirit Tendon Boots)

    Email: heartofhope10@gmail.com


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