Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring and all of its joys...

I have been lucky with Harv in so many ways -- and when he passed, I felt shaky (after all it's a traumatic process in some ways), and I felt a sense of loss, but there were no heaving sobs, and no big drama. He was gone, and I was very sad, but I accepted it.

I should have expected that certain milestones would bring it back, and then some.


With the weather turning, and the ground warming up, and the winter jackets being tossed aside for the windbreakers, I'm missing the spring rituals with Harv -- everything from the shedding to the first bath to anticipating the spring grass. He's not here for it, and he won't be here to enjoy the summer. Missing you Harv.


  1. It's funny- I was thinking the same thing with the loss of my mother. She was very ill and ready to go and at the time I felt relief that her suffering was over. But now as time passes I'm surprised at certain moments with the depth of loss.

  2. I remember and love this picture of Harv.

  3. Aw, of course you miss him. I hope wherever he is, there are lots of pretty flowers and acres of spring grass.

  4. Well, I'm doing some crying for you right now. :'-( Thinking of Harv grazing peacefully across the Rainbow Bridge....


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