Monday, April 18, 2016

Horse Shopping Mysteries

Horse shopping, and horse buying, are not easy.

The shopping mystery du jour is an ad I found, won't say where -- and I'm not trying to make critical commentary -- but what could this mean?

"This horse is suitable for riding primarily in an outdoor environment, or for someone looking for a trail horse. He can be ridden indoors, but adjustments would be needed."

I'm assuming that the things needing adjustment don't include things like the girth, the stirrups -- has to be something with the indoor itself -- cover the mirrors? Lighting?

I get quirky, I've lived quirky, Harv was a delightfully quirky.

This could be a really interesting horse!  


  1. Is that a roundabout way of saying that the horse doesn't like ring work? I'd be curious to hear more.

  2. Had a friend with a horse that was a spooky moron in her indoor arena. Spooked at the mounting block every day, and spooked, bolted, and dumped her when he saw a ground pole that had not moved in 3 weeks. Yet he was given to a home and they happily used him as a trail horse for years with no issues!

  3. I rode a horse that was phobic in indoor and covered arenas but fantastic in outdoor arenas. She never could get over it.

  4. I rode a horse for awhile that was phobic in indoor and covered arenas but fantastic in outdoor arenas. She never got over that fear. We'd walk and walk and walk, ride after ride and I was just lucky to stay aboard. Trotting was much scarier but we still tried and forget cantering--I wanted to live. No matter how long we stayed under cover she was not going to relax. And yes, we tried multiple arenas at 3 different barns with no change.

  5. I used to ride a horse that absolutely H.A.T.E.D. ring work. Balky doesn't even begin to cover it - every single ride was an argument. Get her on a trail, though, and she was a happy camper! She was supposed to be a H/J but it go so ridiculous, they sold her cheap as a trail horse. And I hoped she lived happily ever after...


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