Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Horze Crescendo Leah Women's Silicone Grip Riding Tights

I have not seen this breeches in person, and this is not a review, paid or unpaid. But the Horze Spring clothing line features this lovely pull-on breech (I don't typically wear zipup breeches).  The Crescendo Leah breech is so sleek and that little bit of bling, that seems to highlight my favorite breech feature, the "gun holster" pocket.  Love.  It comes in navy, black, and beige. 

Feature-wise it has mesh details for added breathability, and polyamide fabric is UV protected, UPF 50+. The heraldic-looking sillicon backside provides grip. At $109 it is at a good price-point. Length is 70cm or about 27.5 inches.  Hoping to see this breech at Rolex!

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  1. I just wish they had belt loops. I always like that extra security of being able to put a belt on the chance that the fit isn't perfect.


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