Thursday, May 12, 2016

My brush with fame: Michael Jung

Another smiley autograph session that I observed at Rolex, Michael Jung signing a saddle pad for a fan. You'd be surprised at how many eventing athletes are "businesslike" at their autographing events. Michael was charming and friendly. He is so impressive on a horse, he seems tall in the saddle. On the ground, he is not a tall guy.

 If he is a machine in the ring and going cross-country, I think the media have been good at showing his "human side" as he won Rolex yet again this year. By all report, his mare Fischerrocana is a nice but not crazy-talented mare, and not easy to ride. Someone wrote that with any other rider she would not be a three-star horse, and when you watch her jump she is not the scopiest horse out there. Michael has gained her trust and brings he to every fence optimally. He's from a good (wealthy) family and has a string of horses, but it sounds like they aren't all high-purchase priced mounts -- he makes them good.

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