Monday, May 2, 2016

Strongly worded letter

So I got my tickets for Rolex back in November. And because I like aisle seats, and have always liked aisle seats, and have always gotten aisle seats here at Rolex, I selected aisle seats again.
Check out my awesome view.
And audience goers, particularly the younger kids but adults too, have no idea about what I'm going to call Theatre Etiquette. "I can't be the only one ready to strangle the dawdling clueless," I thought. They stamped up the stairs in the middle of a round, calling out, creating a racket, arms filled with pizzas and beer. Kids and adults alike would linger at the landing to watch a bit of a round -- completely obscuring the view of my little section.

Some of the folks around me would direct the gawkers to move, and I somewhat-politely asked an older guy and his wife, dressed to the nines and in a cowboy hat, to move away from the landing so that we could see. He wheeled around and said, "Yes, Ma'am, we'd like to see too!" totally missing the point that this is why people buy SEATS.

I will be writing a strongly worded letter to -- someone -- not sure who.


  1. I found the dawdlers to be pretty annoying too.

  2. That seat (and others like it) should have been marked "partially obstructed view" on seating charts; and the price should have been reduced, to compensate for the decreased visibility compared to other seats in the same section. I think event management owes that to the patrons who will be occupying seats like this!

  3. Haha solution? Drink more. .lol...kidding, kinda.

  4. frustrating!! Sorry you had such a craptastic view. :(

  5. Omg, that would drive me crazy. At our NHL hockey rink, they have stewards at the entrance to the seating areas, and won't let you through while the game is in session. You have to stand there and wait until the game stops before they'll send you to your seats. And if you dawdle, they'll chase you down and get you moving. Maybe it's time Rolex does the same thing??


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