Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Rolex jog, Sunday a.m. Drama in the Park

If you've never seen the horse inspection/jog, it is fascinating and I feel for the riders. This year Holly Payne's mount Never Outfoxed was not accepted. Being 19th in the standings this must have been heart-breaking. You can see his jogs at 16:19 and 29:07, as well as a long, tense discussion by the ground jury.

 To my layman's eyes, there was nothing wrong in front, but it was really hard to see the hind legs from the camera's view. In the first jog, maybe I could see something. Not really in the second jog.

Holly Payne discusses the decision to "not accept" Never Outfoxed, as the horse is led away...

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  1. It really stinks for the rider and all their connections when this happens, but I am glad that they have people there looking out for the well being of the horse.


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