Thursday, June 30, 2016

Riding and running

Sweaty disgusting me after the race.
So in addition to riding bikes I'm running regularly -- and improving my times considerably! I ran in a 5K on Saturday, a little local race put on for Muscular Dystrophy by an amazing guy named Shane Burcaw. He has an organization and a book by the title Laughing at my Nightmare -- check out this guy's amazing story and if you're looking to read or give a story with a positive message, buy his book. Shane is witty and charming, the anti-thesis of the stereotypical disabled person. Always surrounded by friends and very cute young girls, he's a standup comic with a great message.

So, in my first 5K in about ten years, I ran 26:47 and was the fifth placing female. I'll take it!

Hoping that all of this exercise makes me a better rider. I did have a nice ride on Riley Monday :-). 

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