Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Riding underwear: Baleaf me

I've been looking for good inexpensive riding underwear with padding. If you look in riding catalogs, expect to spend at least $25. Because I also cycle, I'm always looking for cheap cycling pants too. I hate "compression shorts" -- not comfortable, binding!

Bob and I have each ordered a second pair of the Baleaf riding shorts (top right). They are $24 on Amazon and $19.99 on Ebay. For the money you can't beat the quality and comfort -- stretchy, breathable, PADDED -- perhaps not appropriate for 100 miles, but for our 30-50 mile rides they are great.

Baleaf underwear is available for $12.99!! (lower right). Haven't indulged yet but they look perfect for riding, and for those of us who like a little extra padding for longer rides.

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