Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Verhan Odyssey for Sale!

My Verhan Odyssey is for sale -- a great saddle, beautiful leather (Buffalo I think), 18" seat, Medium-Wide, absolutely beautiful condition -- asking $1800.

It's a comfy-to-sit saddle and seems to fit a lot of horses. The saddle was almost new when I bought it -- I would do a local trial for folks.

You can read a bit about Verhans on the Chronicle forums.  They are well-thought-of without having a lot of name recognition. They feel like an expensive saddle, but the resale value on them seems to be low, maybe due to name recognition. I paid $3k For this saddle when it was near-new. It's been well-cared for and it's ready for its happy new owner! Email sek4278 at gmail dot. com. I have more pix if you are interested.

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