Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ri-Ri off the market :-)

Hi All, I've been AWOL for a bit -- thought I'd let you know that EVERYTHING'S FINE! It's been a great summer with a lot of non-horsey goings-on, and time for blogging just slipped through my hands.

The "big" news is that Ri is off the market (has been since around June).

Belated retort to anonymous poster
Someone posted a comment anonymously, suggesting that I was hiding Ri's condition (perhaps because it did not appear in all caps in the ad). If you give this any thought, it's a laughable accusation.

Ri is the most blogged about and posted about horse in the western hemisphere, a veritable equine Truman Show. Practically every surgical photo, x-ray, vet result, and yes, his entire right front rehab story out there on the Interweb. I have nothing to hide. I prepared a reply template with the whole story for each email, and for people travelling from a distance I had the x-rays on my Google Drive for sharing. So anonymous-naysayer, your mock-concern was for naught.

I'll tell you more in the next post -- believe me it's all good.


  1. Don't you love anonymous posters with opinions?
    Glad that things seem to be working out.

  2. Glad to hearvhe found a good home. Excited to hear more!


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