Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Very pretty but...

Would you wear it under your coat? And what would it look like afterward? That inverness back, and puffy sleeves? Very retro, but practical?

It's a preview photo from an upcoming  fall equestrian fashion show. Not sure of the brand...

I do like the Arista Vented Show Shirt...


  1. All I can see are the green slobber smears.

  2. That first shirt, the lady looks like a football player. If you have broad shoulders already it eould only make them look bigger.

  3. That shirt is crazy! I like the second one too.

  4. It's very pretty. Hmmm? Maybe for a schooling show on a warm day? Doesn't look like it would be comfortable under a coat. I would love to see an equestrian fashion show.

  5. It is very pretty. Interesting, but pretty.


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