Thursday, December 1, 2016

Moonlight Cookie Art for the Holidays!

I've knocked off two Christmas gifts courtesy of Moonlight Cookie Art on She does customized order so if you want a specific color horse just ask! I ended up going with the holiday themed cookies below but I'm filing away the horse for future orders.

We know that buying stuff for people is hard, especially when you don't live nearby and see what they have and what they need. Cookies are always a big hit, they will be "used"/consumed, and these are just special. I don't know the baker personally, this is just a heads up on a good thing!


  1. Those are lovely looking cookies. Hope they taste as good as they look. Otherwise it would be a waste of money.

  2. I wouldn't assume they taste bad because they look good! My guess is that they'll taste like a very good sugar cookie, and how bad can that be? I think the handpainting is exquisite and the coloring won't detract from the taste. Anything that brings joy is not a waste of money IMHO.

  3. Thanks Stacy for the post on my cookies! The cookies are sugar cookies and I usually enclose a few bite samples with each order (until I run out!). The hand painting is done with food colors and the the decorations with sugar crystals. The cookie store just opened for the holidays.


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