Sunday, May 14, 2017

A post-Rolex Post

Bob and I doing a coursewalk and tree identification.
 If there are any of you left out there, I still plan to post when I have time. Bob and I went to Rolex, the weather was great and we had a BLAST.
I learned things! Things I didn't know...

  • The Kentucky Horse Park is also an arboretum! Have you noticed that there are lots of trees about the same age on course? It costs $300 to sponsor a new tree planting. I wanted to blog details but the KHP has not gotten back to me. 
  • The pony from the Amazon Prime commercial does tours. Lots of kids in line for photo ops, but a few fossils like me too. I was not embarrassed. 
  • Bob has absorbed a lot of knowledge about course design. We walked the entire course on Friday and he was pretty sharp! Of course he also made a few husband mistakes. The course was tough, and time faults were adding up everywhere. He asked me why so many riders were "going into overtime." Funny.
Me and the Amazon Pony

Boyd Martin, Still Highly Attractive


  1. Glad to see your posting. I watched Rolex streaming and also later on NBC.

  2. I would totally have a picture taken with the Amazon pony! (Did you go see the Man O'War exhibit?)

  3. I don't think that's the Amazon pony...

  4. I'm here!! Glad you had fun at The Best Weekend Of the Year. How is Bob feeling? He looks good!


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