Monday, March 26, 2018

Equilab -- free riding app!

Hi All, it's been awhile! Thought I'd touch base for those of you who might still be following BTB. Ri is doing great, we've come a long way as far as working together. The enemy is stiffness (mine) and my new goal is a commitment to doing less. But that's not why I'm posting.

I downloaded  a new app, Equilab, that is free and I think has a great starter feature set. It's easy to use, just install, get on your horse, open, click START, and ride.

Right now the main info seems to be how much time you spend in what gait, total ride time, some stride length info and distance covered. It's probably much more useful when you're outside because it provides a map of what you covered.

As I use it more I'll write more but I should also mention it has kind of a diary feature and lets you rate your own performance and your horse's. Thumbs up so far!

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