Friday, April 4, 2008

Theodore O'Connor: "Dressage ain't my thing!"

We've all seen the marvelous footage of Teddy at his best in the dressage arena, on cross country, and in the jumping arena. Everyone has bad days, and here's one of his. His dressage score of 69.8 put him around third from last.

I'm not sure his riders/owners were too delighted, but it brought a smile to my face to see Teddy share his opinion of the whole dressage thing :-).


  1. I especially love the title of the video.

    Bad pony. Bad, BAD pony!

    It's Awesome!

    -eqsiu ( I don't have a blogger account so I'll use my COTH name)

  2. Teddy is a little opinionated, I think he might prefer jumping to dressage.

  3. I wonder if the horse is sore in the shoulder.

  4. Watching his tail swish, I would say he wasn't in his happy place that day. I think it's hilarious though, of course that may just be me being mean-spirited because what happens to to me on a daily basis happened to the big name..


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