Sunday, April 6, 2008

Foals of 2008: No like blanky!

Okay, another video. And more mischief! I don't know this baby's owner, just ran across the video on Youtube. If you're feeling at all blue this should make you smile.

Aside from his general adorability, one thing stands about about this little guy. He's bold and brave! Most babies look to mom once in awhile, at least, but this one is one step ahead of her -- she can barely keep up :-). Lots of personality, lots of confidence -- do you think this will carry through in his adult personality? In my sample where n=1, Riley's personality at three weeks has carried through to adulthood. Opinions/observations on this subject are welcome!


  1. I'm sure this little guys personality will carry into his later years. He is bold, and has an attitude. My guess is he really was annoyed at being disturbed while he was laying down resting. He wasn't ready to be told to get up, like a bratty teenager and he rebelled.

  2. Wow, very cute. He looks like a booger, but in a good way. Lots of character is a good thing. :)

  3. Definitely it carries over. After 7 foals, every single one ended up reflecting their, to the foal personality. From the shy violet who hid behind her mother, who even now at 21 still isn't out going, although she has gotten some bolder. (still spooks at leaves though). To the filly who thought her feet didn't touch the ground, she was so special. Weaned herself at 2 months, and never looked back. She was a real pistol, did great in the show ring with the attitude, bit of a trial to deal with though. Had a colt who just seemed to be submissive and mournful from day one, and ended up being a very obedient and willing jumper. Happy to get any attention, but never seemed to think he deserved it. Also had a colt come out with tremendous presence and attitude. Very bold, but gentlemanly. Today he shows and trail rides, and carries himself like a prince in everything he does.
    Yes, I think you can tell a lot.

  4. Very cute! He's very sure of himself and bold. I think that's important for show horses.

    My experience with foals is they grow up just like they start off. A severe trauma can change that but that's about the only thing.

  5. What an adorable baby! He's got some fire, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing this video :-)

  6. With such a gorgeous mom and dad, he's bound to be a stunner!


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