Friday, May 23, 2008

Grand prix Appy (VIDEO!) & Blog Award

When I did the article on non-warmbloods in dressage I tried SO HARD to get video footage of an appaloosa -- none to be had, even though there were numerous apps at grand prix over the years.

FINALLY, I found one. Sunday's Silhouette is a 15.1 hand New Zealand mare...

I've also added this to my original non-warmbloods video list...

Now that I have your attention, I'd like to extend the I Love Your Blog award to Her writing is at the level of a professional journalist and I suspect she has a career in writing. This blog rides the wave of new issues and topics in the equestrian world, and it's a treat to have new combined with insight and commentary that is reasoned and intelligent. Congrats to!


  1. She is very cute isn't she, Sunday Silhouette. I've seen her at HOY and think she has a lot of presense for such a small horse. Her sire Sundays Sensation was also grand prix I think, and people who have his get just rave about them.

  2. Stacey, I cannot get the Ragrding horses link to work.

  3. Congrats on your award and locating the appy video you were searching for. I think you have more patience than me. A couple of minutes of searchin and I am done. lol

  4. Love it!

    Although our first horse was a Warmblood (Westfalen), we have now branched into sporthorses and others.

    In fact, our young Paint is showing promise as a hunter or even dressage mount.

    Go figure. ;-)

    THE MANE POINT – a haven for horse lovers

  5. What a cute little Appoloosa, it sort of gives me hope for my little 15.1 hand palomino Dusty. I'm sure she'll never do Grand Prix, but probably neither will I!

  6. Stacey,

    Thanks so much for the blog roll link, award, and very kind words! You're right, I have a strong journalism background and a make a large deal of my living writing. :) I've passed this award along already, but I'll add you to the post as well with many thanks!


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