Monday, May 26, 2008

Rolex 2008: On the face of it

Wanna see some great Rolex photos? Painted Wings, COTH BB member, posted a link to some SUPER Rolex photos taken by her husband Donald Granger. If you're tempted to purchase a few (and you will be tempted), Don can be reached at The photo sequence above is from his site (shown in thumbnail), and a few of his shots below are the subject du jour.

Disclaimer: Anyone who competes in eventing at the top levels has established they are brave and talented. I feel they are the last bastion of true horsemen and women. I admire them deeply. And yet... well, a little humor is a good thing, right?

Below is one of my husband's Rolex photos, taken from a distance with our cheapo Canon. The shot is a study in confidence and athleticism.

But Don the professional photographer captured images from a different vantage -- up close and personal. The pix below are of the same rider as the one above, just close up. Bob's pictures and Don's pictures could almost be a Gary Larson cartoon--how it looks versus how it feels.

These photos made me chuckle a little. But even as I smile, I remind myself that my face has the same look when I attempt a canter transition on a brisk day. These guys are at Rolex. What for me is a thrilling afternoon's entertainment is for them the culmination of untold hours of hard work, all coming down to 11 grueling minutes in the saddle. I tip my hat to them!


  1. Great pics, is not amazing when you look at the none posed photos!! I know I have had that exact same look in a dressage test.

  2. Pictures of me would show a rider pursing their lips. I think the older I get, themore expressive I get.

  3. Those are hilarious! Years ago, up close photos would have caught me sticking my tongue out, but that's not a good habit when you are going over jumps. I broke that one quickly.

    I agree with you, eventing is the ultimate in crazy horsemanship. I don't know that I'm brave enough to do it. Sure would be fun though! I've been thinking that someday when I have my own horse, maybe I'll try at the low levels. We'll see!

  4. Funny photos. Wonder how many of us look like that when we are riding!


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