Saturday, June 28, 2008

Helmet companies: Delving into derbies

I've been wondering when helmet companies would take a stab at providing derbies and top hats that are protective headgear. Here are some, although they aren't geared toward dressage. I give Troxel a lot of credit for their efforts in making an ASTM compliant derby for saddleseat riders. It looks cute on this attractive kid -- I fear I would look like a giant cartoon character, but I'll try it if they make a dressage version. Go to if you want more information.

There is another one to the right (vew it at Stoney Creek Tack. It looks a bit more real-life to me, I'm guessing it's for the adult male saddle-seat rider.

I rather like the traditional ASTM helmet that looks like a big puffy hunt cap. I don't think helmets are going to make any of us look like movie stars, but they do make us look SMART. Good luck Troxel, hope you find new markets for your products -- like dressage riders!

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