Sunday, June 29, 2008

Horsepartystallions: Serious Eye Candy

Calling all stallion-watchers! Check out horsepartystallions on It's a British company that brokers some top dressage and jumping stallions, and they have 122 stallion videos. I'm quite fond of Sunny Boy myself...

Sunny Boy Stallion (Sandro Hit/Fantastico)


  1. Good heavens what a dude! The suspension is unbelievable.

  2. But if you really want to waste hours of your life staring at equine eye cande, you should check out No it's not my website (sigh).

  3. Honey, I've been there! Think I mentioned it in my hanoverian research blog article, you are SO RIGHT. It kind of outdoes, frankly. And it's very educational, you can see all the Pik Bube, Weltmeyer, and Donnerhall sons (avail for breeding) in one sitting.
    Thanks for mentioning it!


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