Saturday, August 9, 2008

Harvey's turn: Two videos

I tried out the Flip cam on Harvey next. Here we are in the indoor:

Harvey aged 21 years from .

I have to admit this video bugged me, and not just because the quality is bad (too much light on one side of the indoor). Harv has good days and bad days, but here he looks decidedly off. He's on CortaFlx HA and the occasional Legend injection. Guess I schedule one this week. I have a friend Robert (not my husband) who has early onset arthritis, and his doctor told him to do lots of stretching and moderate exercise. Robert told the doctor on his next visit that the exercise was too painful. The doctor' response? With arthritis you exercise through the pain (within reason) if you want to keep your mobility. Is it selfish/delusional to think this is also true for Harvey?

On the bright side, here is some footage of Harvey's barn/farm, which is just wonderful. He is only 10 minutes from where I work, and just look at it.

Harvey at Springfield Farms (also Bob my husband) from Stacey Kimmel-Smith on Vimeo.


  1. As my mare got older I gave her a legend shot once a month and it seemed to really help. The shots are im right in the neck and easy to give and it is a lot cheaper than a monthly vet visit.

  2. Didn't legend used to be only IV? I have my vet do legend injections periodically, but they may need to be more frequent. i can do IV but it is highly stressful from my POV. Would much rather do IM...

  3. Your horse didn't look like he was pinning his ears, swishing his tail, or at all like he was in extreme pain. Older horses are going to move a bit stiffer, and take much longer to warm up. We have a 24 year old paint that we still use 3-4 times a week in lessons with small children. He is never worked hard, actually never breaks a sweat, however he is worked consistantly. On the weeks that he works regularly he is best, on the weeks where I might think, oh lets give the old guy a break, he is sore. He doesn't move like the fluid young guy he used to but he still gets along great. I even had the chiropractor out today for the horses and out of all 5, he was the only one that needed absoultely no adjusting!

  4. He's always been a border collie type--likes to have a job. I scheduled a legend injection for him this week, plus he is getting new shoes so that always helps.

    It's funny, last month someone who knows him told me he was moving better than she's ever seen him go, and back in April we got a 64% on a T4 test. They have good days and bad, I guess.


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