Saturday, August 9, 2008

Riley at home with friends

Riley truly does lead the "life of Riley," and we are fortunate to have great digs at our current barn. Dutch doors looking out over rolling hills, great care, great pasturemates, great turnout.

I recently got a cool new videocamera, about the size of a credit card, for $140--the Flip Video Mino. I had to try it out, and below is my first effort. It's simple to use, autouploads to many online video repositories like Youtube, and the quality is... well, take a look:


You can even hear the boys chewing! My own voice was in full nasality, don't think I normally sound that way. Was trying to speak in low tones, ended up sounding like Kermit. Oh well...


  1. The audio and visual quality is amazing on these. I've seen footage taken with different versions of the Flip, and they're all great. We're supposed to be getting them as our company Christmas gift. Can't wait!

  2. That IS good quality. Gorgeous horses and I WOULD DIE to have pasture like that. Oooohhh I'm so jealous. I won't show my horses...

  3. Very nice! Golly what a stretch of pasture for 3 lucky horses.

  4. It's so green...I'm so jealous! We're having a major drought down here, and the pastures look terrible. Cracks are splitting the ground so badly I'm just sure my filly's going to get a leg caught.


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