Sunday, December 21, 2008

HRTV Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

Well, I worked at the barn today all daily chores for 25 horses in snow, sleet, snow cycles, under 30 degrees. Don't mind tellin' ya, I'm pooped. For those days I'm just not up to blogging (thankfully few) I keep a few back-burner items of interest. Here's one on thoroughbred retirement.

Youtube seems to be behaving strangely and I can't get this to play for me at the moment. Maybe you'll have better luck...


  1. That, Stacey, was so touching and I truly believe horses are redemptive.
    My sister works for animal rescue and control. She has told me many times of the inmate program. And
    After reading Kim Meeders books about Crystal Peaks Youth ranch...and having a mare that was abused(like me) and allowing her to restore me as I earned her trust.
    Thanks...I loved the view of the hay loft while looking out to the inmates walking the horses.

  2. I could get it to play but my puter decided to turn off the sound. I'm beginning to think my sound card is dying. I'll have to come back and try later.

    I do know about the chores for that many horses in the cold temps and snow.....we're living it right now. Looks like no let up til after the first of the year, so hunker down, it's coming your way.

  3. Wonderful post. I am a firm believer in what a horse can teach any human. What a wonderful foundation. There is a TB rescue not far from me that is fantastic for rehabing and rescuing TB's. Bright Futures Farm ~

    I now what you mean on the being pooped after a long day of chores. It is currently 4 degrees out and 20 mouths are waiting for me patiently, and then I need to clean the stalls. Thank goodness for heated tack rooms!

  4. I really believe animals can help save people in so many ways :)

    We're looking into the possibility of starting a program involving some local female inmates- whether it gets off the ground or not, who knows. So many logistics to consider... Hopefully it will, because I think horses can teach so much. Not just about responsibility, etc, but about finding your voice and learning how to assert yourself in a positive way.


    (oh, and thanks for the blogger resources thing. We're always looking to expand readership, because it helps place horses.)

  5. I always love a "win-win" and clearly this is one of them! The potential for healing on both sides is huge and it seems a wonder-full combo.

    Also, loved the video clip on Riley....what a little beauty with such gorgeous natural action and carriage!

    Food for this horse lover's soul!


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