Sunday, December 21, 2008

Horse blogger's corner: Some resources of interest?

Most horse bloggers don't seem to obsess about readership or numbers -- they just enjoy writing and communicating with whoever happens to find them. Maybe because some of my posts require a fair amount of legwork/research, or maybe because I have a subconscious fear of failure, or maybe because my ego is the size of a Hummer, I kind of like the idea of having a lot of readers. So I look for advice on building readership.

As it happens, a fellow blogger (and the person who encouraged me to start a blog) was recently interviewed about her wonderful and wildly successful humor blog. Kathy from The Junk Drawer has some great tips and you can read them at the Diva Cosmos blog. Coincidentally, one of the BTB readers just sent me an article from Slate magazine that talks about how to be a successful blogger. Good advice, and worth sharing.

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How To BlogAdvice from Arianna Huffington, Om Malik, and more of the Web's best pundits.

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Tens of thousands of people start new blogs every day. I'd guess that most don't go into blogging to gain a huge audience, but those who do aim to be the next Kos quickly find disappointment. That's likely because blogging is difficult (I know this from personal experience; my last job was as a blogger), and there are few places that offer tips on how to do it well.
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  1. Hello! Thanks for linking to my interview of Kathy. How cool that she encouraged you to blog. I have always been enchanted by horses and you have a wonderful blog showcasing both the sport and the animal.

  2. Stacey, thanks for the shout-out and sharing the Slate article. The guide is perfect for new bloggers (and old!)

  3. Great reading there. Thank you for sharing that! The whole "niche" concept is puzzling. My husband and I were joking about starting blogs that monitor our toenail growth. We figure they'd be hugely popular. ;)


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