Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday specs! I picked them up today...

For Christmas my parents are contributing toward a pair of new specs -- to my relief, I didn't need not bifocals! The photos don't do the colors justice, indigo and a bright copper finish that I'm going to call orange (I love orange). This is quite a departure for me, as I normally choose the glasses that I feel will be the least noticeable :-).

Thanks for indulging my vanity. Back to more substantive posts after this!


  1. i'm sorry, but what is a dressage rider?

  2. I recently had to get new glasses, mainly for watching TV. I struggled with how much I wanted to pay for glasses that I will wear only at home, so I got $38.00 frames. I like yours better!

  3. WhooHooo!!! I love getting new specs! Lucky you no bi-focals. I had my first pair at the tender age of 29. Ah well! They are no-lines, so no one knows unless I tell them...hehe (Oh. Wait. Now y'all know! LOL)

    Merry Christmas Stacey!!!!

  4. I think they look good on you and they are nice I have a pair almost like those. Stopped by to say helo and to drop an e-card on you. I invite you to visit my new blog at


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