Sunday, December 28, 2008

BTB Anniversary Prize Winners!!!

Congratulations to Amy Goodall-Ayres of Dancing with Henry blog -- she's won a $25 gift certificate to Dover Saddlery. Amy and her quarter horse Henry are pictured left. My favorite blog article from her blog is No My Horse Isn't This Chubby -- Yet!

Equus Magnificus bag winners...

Mindy Walsh AKA Jacksongrrl
Christel Nelson at All My Horses
Ashley DeBoer (Appychik) of

Winners, you can reach me at I need an email or postal address from Amy and a post address from Mindy,Christel, and Ashley. Congrats and thanks!!!


  1. I'm so flattered you enjoyed my blog :) Guess I will have to add a New Year's resolution (to the list) to keep good blogging habits in 2009 ;)

  2. Amy remember to send me your email so I can send the GC !! :-)

  3. Thanks so much! I'm sending you an email with my address now.

  4. Thanks so much Stacey. I'm off to send you an email too :-)


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