Monday, December 29, 2008

VTO Saddlery: Let loose the after X-mas sales!

Riley's lightweight turnout sheet, which still fit him pretty well in September, is starting to look comical. His little butt is sticking out about 7 inches behind the end of the 72" blanket. This is a milestone, not only because he is growing out of his first set of blankets, but also because it is the first blanket that he has actually outgrown rather than destroyed.

Imagine my glee in seeing that VTO Saddlery is having a post Christmas sale, and it's a good one! I revved up my credit card and got a Horseware turnout sheet (khaki) and a pair of Valena boots (all my hinting and no Valena boots under the tree). That's a $70 blanket and $60 boots for under $100 including shipping. So check it out!

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  1. I love VTO! Last year I ordered my Mattes pad from them on a Sunday night -- It was there Tuesday! And they had the best price around, too. :)

  2. Outgrowing is always so much better than destroying, unfortunately I see more of the later as well. LOL

    I've never heard of these people, will have to check them out.

  3. Posted by Kitty Bo (and my hand slipped, accidentally hitting reject rather than publish comment). So sorry!

    Kitty's comment:

    You know when you want something, but you keep thinking, shouldn't spend the money, but it won't leave you alone? I've been needing a new pair of paddock boots, as my Ariats are maybe close to a dozen years old. I'd had my eyes on some Hanovers. Well, with the savings, I gave in. I knew I'd have to give in eventually. Might as well save whilst doing it, and their shipping can't be beat. Thanks for posting this. I am now both poorer and richer!

  4. I sometimes try on clothing that i love on the rack but think is too expensive, just so I can see if it really is the consumer-item-of-my-dreams. Often as not, it doesn't fit or I don't like it, and can just "let it go" rather than wistfully thinking about it and reconsidering a purchase...


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