Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Equestrian acrobatics for the rest of us

http://livingislearninglearningisliving.blogspot.com/2008_03_01_archive.htmlThings I doubt I can do...

  • I can't mount a horse bareback (I can mount w/o a mounting block, but then I'm tall).
  • I doubt I can do a flying dismount--you know, where you swing your legs over the rump, click your heels, and exit stage left? I won't even try it.
  • I can't post the trot w/o stirrups . Take some jello cubes, put them in a sandwich bag, shake gently, and squint at it a bit, you'll almost be able to see my likeness at posting trot, no stirrups.
Since I watched this video below on Youtube, I can add one more thing to a growing list of limitations.

I saw an interview with the jockey. He was highly motivated to hang on -- when he started to fall he saw the thundering herd behind him and thought it would be safer just to dangle. And besides, I think he got some prize money!


  1. Now that's confidence! And you have to admire the horse for having the strength to put up with it and keep going.

  2. posting the trot without stirrups is an incredibly powerful tool in becoming a really good rider. it sucks, i can't make it far, but every time, my riding is much better after the attempt. at one point i could do 4 laps of the arena, but the kids in the lesson could always do more.

    my feet would sometimes fall asleep during an endurance ride, and dropping the stirrups let me stay at the trot, and get my feeling back fast: )


  3. Hi!
    When I am a little kid, I love to collect horse toys and my parents often bring me to race track. Never ride a horse before, maybe one day.
    See you around.

  4. Wow amazing video! I love the things I doubt I can do. I used to be able to do a flying dismount and land like a perfect gymnast, nowadays though, I like the thought of my knees not exploding out from under me, so I agree, no flying dismounts here.

    I have left you an award on my blog. You can pick it up here:http://skybarfarmstuff.blogspot.com/2009/02/look-what-i-got.html

  5. The extent of my equestrian acrobatics this week is teaching my ever patient horse to stand while I dismount on the off side. He got an A+, I got a D-.
    Perhaps after a few more weeks of pilates I may try mounting from the off side.

  6. Tough little horse, I agree. I don't have sound. So did he come in second?

  7. I can actually get out of the saddle okay but I have trouble controlling my post -- tend to post superquick, and I also lean forward more than you would expect a dressage person to lean. I think jumping saddles are a bit easier to post in, but maybe I'm making excuses...

  8. oh....my....gosh....

    that is crazy. i can do some nifty things on a horse but that would not be one of them.

  9. That video was AMAZING! And the horse acted like she didnt even care, she was like IM RUNNING!! So neat, thanks for sharing!


  10. I think I could hang on for dear life. I just wonder if the horse could actually support me with just its neck

  11. Amazingly sweet horse to keep on running like that. Missed second by a jockey's leg, I think. Not me! I'd be on the ground for sure.

    Used to be able to mount bareback. No more. The springs are gone from my legs. Can't do the flying dismount without serious risk to two very BAD knees.

    However, I can do a sitting trot without stirrups. Should I be proud? *lol*


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