Monday, February 16, 2009

Looking for the perfect Frieisan?

Are you thinking or dreaming of buying a Friesian? Is purity/quality of the prospect, or the prospect's parents, important to you? If you answered yes to either of these questions, or if you just love Friesians, this article should interest you. The registry that is most loyal to the preservation of the original breed is the KFPS. The registry has fewer than 100 approved stallions and it is very, very strict in its adherence to the Friesian ideal.

Inspections and judging
The KFPS sponsors inspections of breeding stock. At inspections, foals are assigned a premium status (1-3) or no status. Apparently any white on the animal is the kiss of death from the breeding standpoint. The KFPS has quality designations (my term) or predicates (their term), similar to what other registries have (e.g., an elite or SPS mare for hanoverians). Predicates are sometimes awarded at inspections or shows. Here is a short summary of what they mean, paraphrased from the FHANA web page Predicates Explained.

Star/ster predicate: Awarded at inspections to mares/geldings having particularly high quality movement and conformation.

Crown predicate: To be awarded this predicate, a mare must be a) designated as first premium, b) she is selected for this designation at the Central Mare Show/Centrale Keuring (or a similar show in other countries), and c) achieves an acceptable score at a performance test.

Model predicate: "The very best of the star mares are model mares," according to the KFPS. The mare must be star mares age 7 or older, fertile (has had a baby), stand at least 15.2 1/4", and meet strict standards for the breed. The Model predicate is provisional until the mare passes a performance test.

Teye from Brec dressage ( predicate: This is designated based on quality of offspring; the mare must have produced at least four quality offspring which were a star or model mare or gelding; a studbook stallion with breeding privileges, or a stallion that reached the second level of a recognized stallion judging.

Performance Mother (Prestatie) Register
-- This is granted when the mare in question has produced at least four quality horses--either Ster or Model mares or Ster Geldings, Foal Book Ster stallions, studbook stalions, or stallions that made the second viewing of an inspection.

Performance-dam/Prestatiemoeder Predicate
: The is awarded to mares that have produced three direct offspring that were awarded the Sport predicate.

Preferent for Stallions: The Preferent predicate can be awarded to stallions that have a lasting, special influence on the breed.

Performance-dam/Prestatiemoeder Predicate:
The predicate Performance dam/Prestatiemoeder is awarded to mares that have produced three direct offspring that were awarded the Sport predicate.


Buying a Friesian Horse from the Friesian Horse Association of Great Britain and Ireland

Choosing a friesian decision tree from Proud Meadows Farm


  1. I have a friend who owns Frieisans so I am acquainted with this. It is a complicated process and if I remember correctly just because a foal gets a rating doesn't mean it keeps it. It must still be approved again at a later judging. It would be interesting to watch one of these trails.

  2. Interesting and complex. If someone sends me a large check I will volunteer to do some Friesian shopping research. :)


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