Friday, March 6, 2009

How not to advertise on Craigslist

I found this ad on Craigslist. Talk about too much information! If you don't have enough going on in your life, and enjoy assuming a role in other people's problems, respond to this ad. Note picture is not part of the ad....

Hi. I am currently keeping a horse at my home for a friend, but, I am not set up for this additional horse and he needs to find a new place. He needs to be kept with other horses as he has seperation anxieties otherwise. The preference would be for a private farm w/turnout and stall. Sid is a 16 hand TB gelding about 12 yrs old. His girl loves him very much but has had a bad run on luck and been used by another local farm who took advantage of her and then threw them out. I have done work for this woman as well and know what a smuck she is and how she uses people. This is not a case of the owner of the horse being a problem. She has had her horse here for a few months now but I have told her all along that she has to find somewhere else. I don't have enough pasture and room for him and my horses are suffering because of it. She is here to see him every day and takes excellent care of him as well as cleaning up after him and herself and the rest of the barn (guilty here as I don't keep things nearly as nice as her, so it has been nice that way). She does not have internet access so I am posting for her. She is working in Eaton and and just took an apartment in Carver and so needs to find a barn somewhere in that area so she can see him daily. If something can be worked out that she can help out some at the barn to help keep the board reasonable, she is more than willing to do what she can. If you think you can help out here please respond and I will be glad to forward your information to her so that you can contact each other. Thanks so much.


  1. I'd be pretty embarrassed if I were her "friend". ;)

  2. Oy Vey... Poor kid loves to share, doesn't she?

  3. Omg that is hilarious. I think there's potential for a whole new blog here "not online". We could all pick on those who aren't connected to the net, perhaps the old, infirm and poor for starters. I hope her "friend" does hear from a real friend about her comments, hasn't she heard of karma or perhaps just plain old loyalty?

  4. "His girl loves him very much but has had a bad run on luck and been used by another local farm who took advantage of her"

    Those villains! Hope her dad gets after them.


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