Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another impressive jumper

Well, I'd like to know the people and the story behind this talented jumper!


  1. Wow that's an impressive jump. Me, i would have tripped and landed face first in the dirt :)

  2. I would have lost sight of the pole and banged my forehead.

  3. There were some French guys, I think, who did jumping exhibitions over the high fences like that. I saw a video about a year ago. Not sure if I can find it again. I'll do a search. It was really weird, but really impressive.

    Off to go look. If I find it, I'll post a link.

  4. Darn, cannot find any video. There are three French brothers called "The Flying Frenchmen" who do exhibitions of human high jumping over the horse obstacles at some of the European Shows...saw a listing for Belfast this time, so Britain...they do a whole performance. I have seen video and it is totally amazing.

    The "Flying Frenchman" is another guy who stands up on his horses as they jump. That's wild too, but the human jumpers are incredible.


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