Sunday, March 8, 2009

Riley steals Harv's birthday thunder

From Kym's Creations, Allentown PA
On Saturday, the day we celebrated Harv's birthday. I picked up the half sheet of rich gooey carrot cake, and Bob and I were planning to take it to Harvey that morning. We'd have our cake, I thought, and then I was going to ride. But on the way to the bake shop, I got a call from the other barn. Riley had been brewing an abscess for a few days, and it had taken a turn for the worse.

Instead of spending the morning at Harvey's barn and riding, we dropped off the cake, quickly fed him a piece, and left him in his stall with a feed tub full of carrots. Then went to see what Riley's barn manager meant when she said that he refused to leave his stall.

What does this mean for you? Big excitement, we filmed from two locations this weekend! Here is the Harvey birthday footage...

Here is the footage from the trip to Riley's barn. I changed shirts b/c it was approaching 70 degrees! Riley was reluctant to walk but he seemed to enjoy a good foot-soaking...

Initially I thought Riley was stealing Harv's thunder, but in retrospect maybe it was his birthday gift to Harv. After all we only had time to feed Harvey and then go tend to Riley. No time to ride :-)


  1. Happy Birthday, Harv! And Get Well Riley. Quite a busy day for you as a consequence.

    I love the way Harv cleans his plate. That cake must have been tasty. It certainly was pretty.

  2. Lucky horses to be so well looked after! I had never thought about giving the boys a piece of cake on their birthdays. Harvey sure looked like he was enjoying himself.

  3. I can honestly say I have never seen a horse get a birhday cake.

  4. Thanks for the 2 videos. I loved seeing the boys. Happy birthday Harvey!

  5. Ditto to what Gail said - I don't think I've seen a horse get a birthday cake before - makes sense that they would like it though!

    Mmm - now I'm hungry for carrot cake!

    Hope Riley's foot gets better soon.

  6. Happy Birthday, Marvelous Harvelous! Save some cake for your family! Little brothers can be such a pain! :) But I hope Riley gets well soon.

  7. Happy Birthday, Harvey :)


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