Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reminds me of my wedding -- NOT

Bob and I got married in NYC City Hall and spent the weekend in NYC -- a memory I'd never trade. I'm not the romantic sort, but I loved every minute of this video. Between the horse, the dress, the ocean, and the sunset, it should feel a little cliched, but it's absolutely fresh. What is it about horses and the ocean?

Okay, now that you've watched it I'll mention being a tad annoyed at the repeated references to the horse's fear of water and the rider's magical skills. For me, it seemed a little silly and unnecessary. The movie was magical all by itself.


  1. I found your blog through my Google reader and I love your posts.

    Stunning video. I think the stills were awesome, as well. I do have to agree with you that all the commentary regarding the water was unnecessary. And if we're getting critical, the bride's "piano player" hands are also annoying.

  2. great photoshoot, would love to do one like that!

  3. Such absolutely stunning photographs... makes listening to them drivel about her horsemanship skills worth it. =)

  4. Wow, that was really beautiful. Thank you! I feel inspired to create today.

  5. I agree with Veronica, I would love to do a photo shoot like that! I've heard of April, though I've not actually met her. She is a member of the Equine Photographers Network, and will occasionally hang out at the forum. She's a wedding and an equine photographer, and often combines the two. EPNet hosts organized photo seminars/shoots/retreats, and I would love to see April teach a class.

  6. holy nuts! I'm getting married in may and now none of my wedding photographs are going to be good enough. need horse/ocean...and to look like a model.

    *sigh. :P

  7. OK,OK, so the guy worked the horse for 45 minutes first with no success. Girl gets on after that. Don't think what the guy did had no effect. I have ridden horses in the ocean. I spent the first half hour or so shying up the beach, exactly as that horse did.

    To the horse, the water is not water. It looks like white stuff attacking him. It is scary. But patience will usually win over. (I would be kind of worried about my current horse because he bucks...)

    To be honest, I was more impressed that the horse didn't spook at the white dress. The takes time, but all the horses on our ride figured it out and ended up happily breasting the waves.

    That being said, the pictures were beautiful and I loved watching the horse gather up his courage to finally step in. He really was quite brave and truly wanted to please.

  8. I was loving the film..justt turned the sound off when they talked it up!Sweet! Thanks for sharing!


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