Thursday, March 26, 2009

This one's really good :-)

I loved this video on core stability, not only because I learned new exercises but because it's fun to watch trainer and rider interact. Dry humor alert! And of course, the Brits have a lock on cool accents...

Improving your stability in the saddle with John Pitts


  1. Patrice Edwards, a trainer from Britain, does a lot of those kinds of exercises in her lessons. Actually "back in the day" when I was riding hunters, my trainer had us do some of them as well.

    My big problem with some of the hip exercises is that when I am a little stiff and I try them I tend to throw my back out. Obviously, my "old" body has some physical limitations at this point. *sigh*

  2. I do many of these exercises with children in my riding programs, calling them "frog", "scissor" and "backward bicycling." - they have no idea how good it is for their riding! They just have fun!
    The one thing he said that rubbed me the wrong way was that "the stirrup was the main point of balance for the rider." To me, our center of gavity should be the main point of balance. Do love the accent and humor, though!

  3. I'm glad for this instruction and reminder. I used to do some (not all) of these exercises and had forgotten about them. Good information and well illustrated. Humor is always welcomed.

  4. Great video with lots of tips for me to work on.

    I got a kick out of the horse's clinking and chomping on the bit. Although he seemed to be very anxious, he stood very still.


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