Friday, May 8, 2009

Brentina matchmakers choose...

The latest Dressage Today ran a feature on Debbie McDonald and Brentina -- it looks like they BOTH are retired from competition. Debbie, it seems, is tired of the travelling life, and her description of the grueling schedule she has managed for years made me want to go lie on the couch.

As to Brentina? It seems that Brentina's matchmakers are now selecting stallions for breeding to Brentina by embryo transfer. And one of the finalists, if not the "winner," is His Highness, pictured left. Brentina may not ever know this, but it looks like they're going for tall, dark, and handsomex. This is what you might call a posthumous pairing, as he sadly died young. Frozen semen, embryo transfer, I guess we should cross our fingers that it takes. I would love to know the rationale they are using for this choice -- why do these two complement one another? Why not Sandro Hit?

Not that HH is any slouch. His Highness is by Hohenstein out of a Donnerhall mare, and he caused quite a sensation in his early years. He was purchased by Leatherdale Farms in the U.S. Sadly, had to be euthanized in early 2007 as the result of a broken leg. You can read his obituary from the AHA Web site...


  1. Don't know, but His Highness' reputation is pretty impressive. A cross like that might produce something spectacular. I'd hope the breeders know the bloodlines. Wonder how many embryo transplant babies they can make? Wouldn't a whole barn of little Brentinas be wonderful??? *G*

  2. HH is a beautiful specimen of the equine species. It's no surprise they picked him! He has a very natural fluid gate that would compliment any dressage mare. His jumping needs a little touch up, but OMG is his gate beautiful. They will have a drop dead gorgeous foal.


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