Saturday, May 9, 2009

Here's to hoping it's hype!

Researcher Says Swine Flu in Horses 'Unlikely'
from The Horse Magazine

Well, there's a bit of a relief. Now we just have to worry about the human population that cares for them! Bob and I work in places with a strong international community, and we're not far from NYC. Here's to hoping it's all hype!

Swine flu: are horses at risk? from

Swine Flue vs. Horse Flu
from the Atlanta Equestrian Examiner


  1. Two people have died in the US as a result of swine flu.

    According to the CDC, around 36,000 people die in the US from normal flu each year.

    With the way that people are acting you'd think that smallpox was back.

    I am glad that horses can't are unlikely to catch it though.

  2. I work in a school and honestly, I've not worried about it at all.

    So far it's proving to be about the same as regular flu.

    Glad the horses will be OK, though.

  3. It makes sense that horses wouldn't really be affected - different body temperatures and basic physiology from people. Also, I believe pigs are particularly similar to people in their basic physical make-up, especially internally.

  4. The media is just playing on everyone's fears. The same thing happened with Bird Flu and SARS, and while they were both bad, it wasn't the world-destroying pandemic anyone made it out to be.

  5. I strongly suspect some drug company is making $$ out of this particular scare.

  6. Not to mention all the anti-bacterial wipe, immune-booster, mask-manufacturing companies...


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