Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gina Haddad reflects on her 1998 rotational fall

This fall occurred in 1998 but it's interesting to hear Australian Gina Haddad reflect on how the fall occurred, how she experienced it, and how it changed her life. Teaser: she missed the 2000 Olympics but something positive came of it (watch and see what it is). The horse was injured but recovered and eventually went on to a career in show jumping. If you can't view the embedded video here is a link.

Sorry about the goofy dental ad that you have to watch first, and sorry this is set to autoplay. I tried to modify it but it broke the video...


  1. Wow! what a horrible fall! She's lucky he didn't kill her.

  2. That's chilling. XC falls are so scary. But bless, she walked away. I like how she talks about fate and meeting her now husband during recovery.


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