Sunday, July 19, 2009

Riley's full bro (the 2005 edition)

Did you know that two half-sibling horses are only considered a 'half brother' or 'half sister' if they share the same dam? Two horses by the same sire are not really considered 'related' breeding-wise.

Anyway, I occasionally exchange email with the owner of Riley's full brother -- same sire and dam. Genetically the two of them are more similar to each other than to any other horse, including their parents. Here he is! He's the one introduced to the pasture -- the bigger one.

I saw footage of him last year, when he was in a growth spurt -- he looked lovely but the parts were growing at different rates. Now he's really developed into a powerful, attractive guy. And the owner told me he's still changing/developing. He's a big boy at 4 years, with huge bone and feet. He's going to be impressive in the dressage ring.

Is he similar to Riley? Well, yes, I suppose, but it's probably more accurate to say both of them favor their mother. Delaurentis passes on temperament and rideability, and many many of his babies have exquisite heads and necks -- super-refined, beautifully shaped. Think Riley's mom stamped both these boys with her own head/neck/body type. And I'm perfectly happy with that.


  1. Beautiful horse. I would love to see his first dressage show.

    I like the video commentary, too haha.

  2. Oh, he is a lovely boy. Bodes well for Riley to grow up like him!

    How is Riley doing, by the way? Still quiet?

  3. I shall have a report tomorrow, but he is doing well. Thanks for asking!


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