Friday, June 12, 2009

The 2009 foals - some cuties!

One of my lunch break pleasures is Youtube. While munching some pumpernickel pretzels, I searched for videos of 2009 foals for a dose of baby cuteness. Success! Make sure you watch them all.

Here is a Damon Hill X Flemmingh foal (filly), interacting with a tarp and being adorable...

The footage below shows a pretty remarkable filly IMHO. The blurb says she is two weeks old -- she looks a bit older -- but the movement is spectactular regardless.

Here is another by the same sire, this one is in Ohio. If you're in the market for a baby, you should look hard at the mom, and this one is a beauty...

Here is a nice Quaterback foal, from

10 weeks, Quaterback X Londonderry

Same one at 4 weeks


  1. Obviously good breeding for some serious "cute" and even more serious movement. Lovely youngsters.

    Cannot afford, but it surely is nice to look.

  2. Wow!!! How could you ever choose?? I'd just have to have all of them!!! Such beautiful babies!!

  3. That first filly is adorable. I might have to have her! My son's name is Damon and my maiden name is Fleming!

  4. Gorgeous babies!! All that leg action, WOW!! That second one is doing pirouettes already! They are really lovely!

    I'm on foal watch right now with my mare, Annie. I am so excited!! I've been visiting Arabian breeders the last few weekends, playing with their babies. I can't hardly wait for mine!!

  5. Oh my gosh, those are some fantastic foals!

    You know what, "Quarterback" should become a new breed of horse, his foals are that fantastic!


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