Thursday, June 11, 2009

Riley rocks ride #4 (featuring the letter R)

Things were a little rambunctious last week -- remember? Riley reacted rudely to being ridden. Rats! His rowdiness required research, reflection, and review. But this week, Riley really rallied!

I'm sorry. I'll stop with the "
r" thing. It's just filler to help with formatting -- I need to have text adjacent to the picture on the right so that the video displays correctly below, and this beats Lorem Ipsum. Anyway, below is the footage of this week's session...

Riley's Ride #4, June 10, 2009

What do I love about this footage (aside from him looking just plain happy)? Riley is...
  • relatively quiet in the bridle
  • rythmical in the trot work
  • readily halting
  • relaxed
  • reacting well to other riders in the ring
I lied about stopping. The "r"s rule! Rah Rah Riley! And Christa (whose last name begins with an "R") and Riley's trainer (whose first and last name regrettably don't start with an r).


  1. Looks like its really going well!! How exciting!!


  2. Riley really responds reliably!

    Right-on, Riley!!!!!

  3. I look forward to seeing him develop!

  4. What a nice trot! He looks 100% more comfortable this ride. Your rider is doing a great job staying out of his way while remaining supportive as well. Yay!

  5. Hey Stacey!!

    He does look great undersaddle, you're right. I especially remember riding that last trot in the video down the longside near the ingate... he was very willing to go forward there and he felt great... I am glad to know he looked as well as he felt. I think that once he understands the leg better (forward, bending, collecting, etc) and learns to use himself more he will be a fantastic mover and dressage prospect. He is already uing his hind end more than most babies so he has a leg up there already.

    He is a joy to ride, and again, don't let the "learning days" discourage you. They are all for the better and apparently he thinks about the riding session during his days off.

    Thanks again for allowing me to ride him! See you Tuesday!

  6. Ah, Christa, golden the pony girl nails it. You stay out of his way, support him when he needs it, I couldn't ask for a better experience for Riley. Thanks!

  7. REALLY wonderful Riley!! Great stuff, so glad he is doing so well. Can't wait to see more!

    love the pink lunge whip, lol!


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