Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The visit: Harv sends one of his people

This Saturday, Bob and I spent part of the morning doing yard-work and assorted tasks. While I pulled weeds, he sorted through the garage. He found

  • Harvey's fan, which we take to the barn when it gets hot. He dusted it off with canned air.
  • Harvey's fly sheet, which he folded and set on the fan.
  • Several bottles of fly spray, which he set by the fan and sheet.
We agreed to take the stuff to the barn before it gets too hot. After a fashion we both took a break and sat on lawn chairs by the house. As we sat with our coffee, a late model Cadillac -- white, shiny, gorgeous -- turned into our court. Believe me, this kind of car is beyond unusual in our neighborhood. It passed us, turned around at the end of the court, and came back toward us. Astonishingly, it stopped in front of our house.

Without missing a beat, Bob turned to me and said:
"Oh, good, they're here."

"What?" I asked.

"Harv called -- he told me he'd send one of his people out to get his summer things."

Maybe you had to be there, but I spewed coffee, big time! The car paused in front of our house for maybe thirty seconds. I suspect they were lost. But it's fun to think of Harv having "people."


  1. LOVE IT!! That was an awesome morning chuckle for me! Thanks for sharing, Bob's sense of humor rocks!

  2. That's a GEM! Good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read it.

    I could see my Tucker having an entourage somewhere. He has that princely air about him as well.

    I set up the fans the other day. Used the once and now, it cooled off again. The fly sheets are on, however.

  3. That's great! Just so you know, Harv's not alone in having his staff of people. Shiloh has his people too, and he's very particular as to who does what job for him!
    Janet & Shiloh

  4. That's great!! Got to LOVE BOB!!!

  5. You SO got me! Thank goodness I was only drinking water. If it were a black stretch with darkened windows, I'd tell Harv to watch out, it might be Jumbo, mafia boss...

    Still laughing!

  6. That was great! Is it bad that I saw the pic of the stretch Caddy, and my first thought was, "Harv?"

    Harv needs to be more careful, with his being in hiding... that dirtiness about the "drug-mule" and all... :)

    Great story!

  7. I can't believe that some people think we spoil our horses . . . just becaue they have their own "people" and a limo.

  8. ..stories like this, Harv's people pulling up in a Limo to get his things, is one of the many reasons I look forward to my daily dose of "Behind The Bit"! In other words, I too "spewed" my drink everywhere after reading this little tidbit! My guy, Class Always Shows (with a registered name like that you "gotta" know that he too has "people"), always finds a way to make certain that he gets his share of "princely treatments"! Ahhhh, what we do for our horses!

  9. What an excellent name! Yes, I can imagine he would have an entourage.

  10. I know this is a post from last year...and I am just commenting on it (I have actually spent the last few weeks reading EVERY SINGLE post from your archive)...and this one just put the cherry on top! I have the funniest visual of horse heads popping out of the window of the it drove by. "Godfather" type...and I am absolutely cracking up at work! Your husband is just great with the "on the cuff" comments. LOVE IT!


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