Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unleashing my inner matchy-matchy

Confession time readers -- I've run amuck with promo materials for BTB. How did I come to this point of wretched excess? It all started with the BTB biz cards which are pictured in the sidebar. Then I thought, wouldn't business card magnets be just the thing?

Then, inexorably, came the pens. These were pricey but fun and the giveaways always inspire more back and forth with readers :-). It's worth it.

So I'm doing more mailings, and thinking, "It's so tacky to mail stuff in used envelopes and enclosing an index card with thanks scribbled on it." I also worried that people would wonder who the heck this person was in the return address? So now I have matching note cards, envelopes, and return address labels.

You'd think that would more than satisfy the my branding needs. But no. I went over the top, with the coup de grace: The BTB notepad.

The first time I sent out a BTB pen, I realized what I'd done. Poor Harv, he'd be so embarrassed to see his image all over every piece of mail. My grandmother used to say that to get dressed, put on all the jewelry you intend to wear and then remove one piece. I could have used her advice for my promo materials. I'll use these up and then reorder on a selective basis.

Seriously if you'd like one, send me your address via behindthebit at blogspot dot com. And use'em!

Oh, and BTW, I buy this stuff from Vistaprint.com -- prices seem pretty good --definitely better than cafepress.com and zazzle.com, and I'm happy with the quality and customization options. Thanks all.


  1. I deeply envy your matchy-matchy!

    I think that, deep in your heart-of-hearts, you've missed your calling as an endurance rider. With no "judges" to tell us not to go overboard with matching biothane tack, we DO go overboard.

    My mare would feel naked without her purple bridle, purple breastcollar, purple saddle pad, purple saddlepacks....and I'd better dang well not show up for a ride in a GREEN t-shirt, either!

    And yes, my purple helmet is adorned with reflective purple flames (for safety, you understand) which also match the purple flames on my horse trailer.

    Pathetic, much?

  2. Did I ever mention that as I child part of my going-outside-to-play attire included a tiara? Wore it whenever I could...

  3. Well, the pens are really nice. And the magnet thingies look great on my fridge. I suppose one can overdo, but isn't that what a life of joyful extravagance is all about? *G*

  4. You DO understand that it's perfectly okay to hotglue plastic bling "jewels" to your non-show tack, don't you?

    Biothane + bling = perfectly acceptable in some places...like MY place.

    Tiaras for everyone, I say. Go, Stacey, go!

  5. I'm a lurker, and I just want to say anything with that gorgeous hunk of horse, Harv, on it is beautiful!!!

  6. Oh honey that is not bad at all. I was bracing for a bra and panty set. I really like the pens.

  7. Well, I think they are great...sounds like something I would do! I would LOVE a pen and a magnet! The pen will get LOTS of use as I am a nurse and seeing your horse on my pen will make me smile throughout my 12 hr. days!!!
    Oh, and I went through Vista print and sent out "Our Latest Addition to the Family" cards when I bought Jackson 2 years ago! My family may have thought I was cracked, but so what? Anyway, I do love your blog! If mine was as good I'd advertise it too!
    Mindy Walsh
    11018 Andover Peak
    San Antonio, TX 78254


  8. Ha! Just saw your address! I grew up in Harleysville, PA---almost went to college in Bethlehem! Small world. Coming home for a visit with the fam and friends in August. :)

  9. I completely understand the matchy-matchy compulsion! And I thought the pen, notecard and refrigerator magnet were really nice- thanks!

    I am almost compulsive about color-coordinating at the barn. My breeches and polo shirt (or vest in the winter) have to work with my mare's saddlepad and boots/polos. It really is a disease, but at least it's a fun one!

  10. Speaking of all your matchy-matchy... I just received my pen and magnet in the mail today with a lovely notecard, so I can vouch for the niceness of the goods! I'll definetly check out vistaprint online.
    Thanks Stacey :)

  11. Where did you find a trailer with purple flames??? LOLL Did it come factory that way? Special order?
    I like that idea!


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