Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ride #5: G is for Go, T is for turn

Riley had a super night overall. I think he likes the mildness of the Nathe bit, and Christa felt more at ease. It really shows in the confidence they both have, and in Riley's more relaxed topline.

I have to say I just love the picture to the left -- he was trotting down the diagonal, toward the door leading outside (hopeful, I think, that he'll be able to trot right through). Christa is letting him step out and enjoying the ride.

Here's the footage where he shows he can GO (when he isn't distracted by something).

T is for Turn... I said, TURN!
The 20 meter circle work was amusing at first. I sometimes miss Riley's babyhood, so it was secretly satisfying to see some classic baby behavior. He's been lungeing on 20 meters for over a year, and lunged with a rider a number of times. But when asked to trot a circle w/o benefit of a lunge line, he doesn't quite get it, and well -- he pouts. The first few circles end in sort of a bastardized careening leg yield, but look how quickly he figures it out...


  1. Go Riley Go! He is looking great and that turning disagreement was a classic baby move. I am glad you captured it on film.

  2. The more I see of Riley the more I love him! What a good boy! I started my gelding in a round pen at this stage and boy did we laugh when we graduated to a full-sized ring. He did almost the exact same thing! Riley looks like he is doing great! Are you sure he doesn't want to be a hunter? :-)

  3. *lol* Looks awfully familiar.

    I did not start my Chance in the long lines and Riley's reactions are very similar to his. However, both Tucker and Toby had a lot of ground driving before being ridden and the turning was essentially a non-issue.

    The nice thing, though, is that a well handled youngster will usually learn pretty darn fast, especially with a good rider and ground person like you have.

    Riley really does look lovely.

  4. I'm SO amazed at how wonderful he is doing! I bet you are one proud mommy, as you should be! Love the video, I could watch him go around with that lovely trot all day!

  5. It's fun to watch Riley's progress - every post something new and exciting is happening!

  6. Oh my! Look at that lovely, floating trot! He looks beautiful even all baby-like. Lucky you.


  7. His trot in the first movie is to die for! He looks really, really good for such a green little baby!! Congratulations on such a well-mannered horse. The second movie was just brilliant. He figured it out so quickly though! Yay Riley!!

    The more I watch, the more I like him. =]
    Enjoy your amazing horse.

  8. My youngin' is at exactly the same stage... circles seem to elude her, even though she's been lunged and ridden on the lunge in circles most of her young life...I was trying to blame it on the track, but apparently all greenies suffer from it at some time or another


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