Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trifecta dreams: three is a good number

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Three is a good number, don't you think? Three horses would be fun. Perhaps I could move them into my house and I'd rent a stall for myself (and Bob).

I found this De Laurentis son on -- he shares the same sire as Riley and I think I see resemblance in conformation and movement. This boy seems more refined all over than Riley, but I suppose it might be an old picture--he looks like he has a lot more growing/filling out to do. If he is 16 hands now, he could easily make 16.3. And I love his name, Democracy. It's classy, and fits all my criteria for a good name (see my post on show names). Disclaimer: I don't know the owner or anything about the horse aside from what is in the ad.

Welcome to my dream, a trifecta of chestnut, bay, and black. Click link below, on left, to see more pix.

Hanoverian Gelding For Sale in Virginia
Horse NameDemocracy
LocationLovettsville, Virginia
Height16.0 hands
Foal DateApr 2006
PedigreeSire: De Laurentis
Dam: Wendolyn
RegistrationsAHS - American Hanoverian Society ()
DisciplinesHunter (Prospect)
Dressage (Prospect)
Temperament3 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)

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Having seen a lot of De Laurentis babies/youngsters under the age of three, I can say that he consistently passes on refinement, a lovely eye, and fluid, pretty movement. It'll be interesting to see how their gaits develop as they mature. The few I've seen jump do it very stylishly.

It's interesting to note that back in 2006, when I was looking at babies, I found this horse for sale as a weanling -- called right away! I think he had either sold when I called, or perhaps the owner told me he was not necessarily going to be very tall.


  1. Personally, I've always felt that horses are like potato chips... it's very hard to stop once you have one. A trifecta would be nice. But then, what's a proper herd without a gray? This could get out of hand fast...

  2. Wow...I was looking at that horse on equine not 2 hours ago. Nice one:)

  3. We adapted the song to fit our growing herd:

    black and bay, chestnut, red roan, and gray, and one painted little pony.


  4. I myself have been eying a second golden pony. It is funny the rationalizations you tell yourself. "I already have one 4 year old haflinger so training another one should be a piece of cake"
    Back to your dream horse. He is a looker. I see similarities between Riley and him at the trot.

  5. I really like the look of that black colt. He looks a bit more hunter/jumper-ish then your horse though.

    Probably one of my favorite things to do is pull up all my colt's siblings, which is not to difficult because they are all JC registered. I dont think I could handle another baby right now, but I love seeing what the sibs have grown up to look like. ..

  6. *sigh* how nice it would be to have a gorgeous horse like that :)
    I agree with Marissa - you can't just stop at three - if you consistently show one, the other two will bond too closely, so you'll need to get at least one more ;)

  7. I notice they say his temperment is a 3. Where would you put Riley's temperment on that scale.

    You know, after you have 3 children,you think "My life is so taken over, I might as well have 4." I guess it can get that way w/ horses.

  8. Well, since neither horse has any real under saddle experience, we're really talking about how they react to new environments/new stimuli, signs of agression, energy level. On a single scale, I'd guess Riley would be a 3 or 4 at this point. I'd like to see a more granular scale:

    Curiosity he's a 7
    Fearfulness he's a 1
    Energy level he's a 3-4
    Obedience he'd rate a "fair," mostly b/c he's not that great for the farrier and he chews/nips

    How does that sound?

  9. He looks like a nice horse - but at this point I, myself, am cautious about any more horses - I'm a bit of an over-achiever in that department already with 5!

    Liked your show name post - very funny, and so true! A girl at our last barn named her hunter "Dimpled Chad" - guess when that was - talk about being dated! I'm a big fan of single-word show names - so far I've had a Promise, a Capriole and an Intrigue.


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