Friday, June 19, 2009

7 yr old Knabstrupper gelding at Prix St. George

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What a doll! This boy is in New Hampshire presently. Described as incredibly easy to ride and train, he's progressed very quickly to the upper levels...


  1. Lovely attitude. Gets a bit stuck now and then, but to be expected as a horse progresses up the levels. What neat coloring.

  2. The horse looks wonderful, but the rider looks as if she is bouncing all over the place!

  3. I appreciate that she is not stiff -- she seems to be allowing the movement. The horse's abilities may compensate for her lack of experience/influence...

  4. Wow..neat horse! his expression is so sweet.
    I was working on my sittrot today wondering just how to go about it with out gripping any part of my leg...but woo..don't think I look like that...he must have large movement!
    Thanks for sharing that!

  5. Holy spurring, Batman! The rider's lower leg is all over the place. Cute horse, though.

  6. Wow, I actually know these two. Believe it or not the rider is a "professional" and is riding him for a client. I wouldn't let her near any horse that I cared about though, she has a temper and a rather nasty history of riding horses into the ground, and in at least one instance, into his grave. Warning: if your horse's leg is swollen to two to three times its normal size around the fetlock and the white is glowing bright pink and the "trainer" says, "It's not a problem, it always looks like that. He works out of it." FIRE that trainer!! (Oh and the horse in this video foundered, they did some corrective shoeing on him and almost immediately after, guess what, she started riding him again!!! And, DUH!!!, he foundered again! But hey, it's not her money, right?)


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