Saturday, June 20, 2009

Faith Cook's fall at Bramham CCI***

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The horse is okay, and the rider is okay, perhaps in part to her wearing the Point Two Air Jacket which inflates when the rider falls. $650. I found this on the COTH list, where everyone is asking "where were the frangible pins???"

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For my next trick, a perfect head over hooves: Picture of terrifying fall of rider and horse at international show

For rider Faith Cook it was a heart-stopping moment.

Her horse Nagor de la Roche didn't look too pleased either.

The animal, who appears in this spectacular picture to have achieved the perfect nose-stand, came out of it slightly the better of the two, escaping with bruising.

Faith Cook on board Nagor De La Roche at the Bramham horse trials falls dramatically

Horror crash: Faith Cook and her horse Nagor De La Roche spectacularly fall at the Bramham Horse Trials at the weekend

Miss Cook, from Oxfordshire, was taken to hospital with neck and back injuries.

She was competing in the under-25 section of the Bramham International Horse Trials at Bramham Park, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, when Nagor de la Roche mistimed his approach to a fence and went flying.

A spokesman at Leeds General Infirmary said it was too early to say whether Miss Cook would make a full recovery.

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Faith lands and momentum rolls her away. As you can see from the picture, Sammi has landed on the right side of his head, and as he falls he lands to Faith's right hand side.

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  1. Ohmigosh!! Exactly why I gave up eventing. Not that I ever crashed even remotely like that, but one fence beyond my and my horses mental comprehension was enough to convince me we'd both get hurt some day.

    Know someone who had one of those vest that did not inflate as advertised. Fortunately she was OK, but I think the vest went back to the manufacturer. Looks like this time it might have been a lifesaver.

    Rotational falls are horrible. This one had, it seems a semi-happy ending, but broken bones are no laughing matter no matter what.


  2. Ohmygosh is right! My heart is pounding after seeing those photos!

  3. wow. . .that is one hella wreck.

    I think I would take the $650, not risk my horse's life and instead use the $$$ to pick up a rescue horse.

    I did some eventing as a kid. Even the "adult only" courses (which we kids snuck on to occasionally) were not nearly as dangerous. The fences were just as big, however, the nasty, sharp angle, freakishly close combinations that they design now are simply suicidal.

  4. Ow.
    That doesn't sound good: "not sure if she'll make a full recovery". I knew there was a reason jumping scares the crap out of me.


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