Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ebay selling: the good, the bad, and the deadbeats

Okay, so I list a smartphone on Ebay. During the auction, I field perhaps 8 questions from potential buyer Kristian. All of his questions are answered in the description, but I respond politely. Even in these brief exchange, I can tell he's probably 15 years old.

The auction ends...
It's the end of the auction and I have a winner -- Kristian, as it turns out. With dismay, I note Kristian has zero purchase/selling history. So after receiving no response to my invoice, I send an email to Kristian. The email exchange ensues...


Hi, I see you have no feedback or purchase history on Ebay. Please reply ASAP so that I know you are interested... Thanks! Stacey

Yeah can u give me till Friday to pay u kristian

Via paypal? Stacey

Yes. kristian

Sure. Thanks! Stacey

25 seconds later

Hi Stacey would it be ok if I pay u in tuesday. i will pay u for sure. And I will pay but can u give me a extension. kristian

No, sorry, the funds need to be transferred by Friday 5pm EST. I will
repost the item if not paid for by Friday. Stacey

i will have the money by Friday kristian

Friday 9am
Wil be making the payment Saturday am when will u ship Kristian.

Why not 5pm EST as you agreed earlier? What difference will one night make? Sorry, I'm anxious to be paid or I'll need to relist. Stacey

I paid check your pay pal Kristian

Thanks, I saw you have paid. I will put it in the mail tomorrow or Monday. Stacey

No problem. U think u can do it today Kristian

Nope. Sorry. Stacey

Ah, youth. My greatest fear is that when I'm in a nursing home 30 years from now, he'll be the orderly assigned to me...


  1. LOL. Let's just hope he doesn't leave his mom's basement.

  2. Selling things on eBay is always a bit of a worry, I remember. I sold off some of my Breyer models a few years back and was worried non-stop until they were in the hands of the buyers.

  3. My problem with eBay (and other websites) is that there are too many scammers in this world. It makes it hard to trust anyone.

    I totally thought you were going to say it was a scam, instead of it being a kid. Lol. Very funny.

    I had a friend who was looking for a horse. She called me and told me about an ad on horsetopia that was 2 Fresian mares for $700 each. Needless to say, I was a little wary. When I emailed the "owner" and asked for pics, she sent me pics of Fresians. I thought the pictures looked familiar. I looked up, and it was the calendar on my office wall! Scammer! Geez!

    You do get brownie points for being so patient with him, though. :)

  4. LOL!!! Sounds just like my 14 year old stepson!!! You sure his name wasnt Bobby??? LOL

  5. Ah, youth! As I teacher, I saw classrooms full of Kristians every day. *lol* To think, the future is in their hands. Some of them grow up a little more slowly than others...but they usually do grow up and quite often become responsible adults...often...honest.

  6. LOL those are the kind of people you want to hit ,lol atleast you sold it!

  7. Typical young person (ok I'm only 41 but you know what I mean). Wants you to wait for payment but expects you to send the phone asap...too funny.

  8. Been there done that w/ a truck my husband was selling on Ebay. Turned out the buyer was 18. The transaction never went through. Thank goodness the next time it was listed, a responsible man bought it.

    As to the Freisians for sale, there was a big discussion of this on the UDBB.

  9. Been there and I feel your pain :) and/or aggravation!

  10. the 'u' thing REALLLY irks me!
    Glad he actually paid though.

  11. That's why I let my parents handle the eBay transactions! Hopefully this financially-savvy teen will learn how to buy stuff eventually.


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