Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson: A dressage freestyle

Monica Theodorescu and Whisper used Michael Jackson music in their LasVegas 2009 Freestyle to Music. Thought I'd share it to honor MJ's passing -- he was an enormous talent.

Now, I'll be honest with you. I'm not sure her freestyle music, lovely as it is, captures the essence of MJ. It's so classicial! For those with more plebian tastes such as myself, here is a youtube video of riding to music...


  1. True, it isn't the usual type of freestyle music, but it is appropriate for a tribue to MJ. I love those extended trots. They look like they're just floating on air, don't they? Whooee, those are some big jumps too!

  2. Now that was different type of tribute! thanks!

  3. Very cool! I liked the second one best, although watching the her in the first video executing her moves helped me cement in some of the stuff I am currenlty learning in my own dressage lessons. Amazing how seeing it done visually (and correctly) helps you mentally picture doing it yourself!!! I preferred the 2nd video, nice combo of dressage and my own special love---stadium jumping!!! I love how most of the horses were BLACK!!! The chestnut with the white tail was NEAT too-I have never seen that coloring! Thanks for the excellent MJ tribute!!!

  4. afraid I preferred the second one with the 'regular' music.....she would have looked like she had a lot more swagger if she hadnt tried to turn it into classical


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