Friday, July 31, 2009

Best waiting area EVER

UPDATE: Riley is eating well and his vitals are normal. They hadn't changed the bandage when they phoned, but said they would call if there were any problems. That's the scoop!

This is the sitting area adjacent to the clinic -- pretty homey, eh? If you have to be in a waiting area for a few hours, it doesn't get much better than this.

If you happen to recognize the facility, keep it on the "down low," just as a courtesy to the clinic. Feel free to email me, but I won't publish comments that identify the clinic.


  1. Very nice waiting area! Plenty of good reading too. Much better than an indoor hospital-like setting, yuck.

    Does the cat come complimentary to entertain you while you wait?

  2. I love the stacks of "Dressage Today". They make any area homey.

    It's too hot to have nice waiting areas like that here in Texas. It looks really relaxing though.

  3. Like the waiting area with cat - hope it had a nice curl up in your lap!

  4. As long as there is a cat, the place is perfect!!


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